Social security

Most people have many questions surrounding the complicated decisions of Social Security. There are many options in deciding when to start taking your benefits. These decisions have a profound affect on future benefits for the beneficiary as well as the surviving spouse.

Delaying the benefit can provide for significant growth in the benefit. However that may not be possible depending on the financial situation at retirement. We use software to show all the options and help pick the best for your situation.


In the last several years many people have turned to more conservative investment options. As more people near retirement they have been turning to indexed annuities as the conservative alternative to stock market risk.

The indexed products are fixed. This means you will never take part in any market downturns and will gain when the market goes up. The annuities can be structured to give income for the life of the annuitant as well as a surviving spouse.

life insurance

Life insurance can have several purposes. Depending on the need you may need the coverage for a specified period of time or there may be a need for an indefinite time frame.

A term insurance plan can provide coverage for a specified period such as the duration of a loan.

Permanent insurance, also known as universal life, will provide coverage for the life of the policyholder. Permanent coverage can be used to help supplement retirement, provide for the sale of a business, or help strengthen a pension payout.

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business continuation

Many small businesses have a need to find a way to pass the business to a family member or key employee. Many business owners have turned to a permanent life insurance plan to help fund the sale of the business.

The plan will have enough cash to facilitate the sale or enough death benefit as well. The business may want to make sure the employee stays with the company by using a permanent plan as an additional retirement fund.