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greg rieckhoff

President & Owner

Greg entered the insurance and financial services field in 1987. He established Beneficial Solutions to assist people in achieving their financial and retirement goals.

At Beneficial Solutions, we enjoy teaching people how money works in their lives. Our goal is to help people get from where they are to where they want to be financially. Many times this comes about by capturing money they are transferring away from themselves and growing it in tax-favored accounts for their future. We believe people can achieve their financial goals without taking unnecessary risk and use our wealth of training and tools to help our clients get on the right track.

As people get closer to retirement they have increasing concerns about their retirement savings. They want to know their funds are safe. More importantly they want to know they will not outlive their money. We have strategies that will help assure our clients that they will thrive through their retirement years and protect their assets for posterity.

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to provide peace of mind and financial security by using safe money strategies.